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Historical Background

The Department of Political Science and Public Administration (Bilkent POLS), one of the first departments of Bilkent University, was established in 1988 with Professor Metin Heper as its founding Chair. Since its inception, Bilkent POLS has grown steadily, and now it has an internationally recognized faculty of more than 20 full-time professors and instructors. The Department provides teaching and training to undergraduate and graduate students who are eager to join the alums of Bilkent POLS in prestigious careers ranging from research to the private sector and from public bureaucracy to international organizations.

Members of Bilkent POLS have a very strong track record of research focusing mainly on Turkish Politics, Comparative Politics, Political Theory, Social and Cultural Studies, and Public Policy. The Department boasts a stellar national and international reputation thanks to its members’ cutting-edge research in a range of social sciences and collaboration across subject areas.

Bilkent POLS is committed to guiding students in reaching their career goals by providing hands-on, research-based, multi-disciplinary, and multi-method training in and around Political Science and Public Administration.

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Chronology of Chairpersons

2022-…: Associate Professor Hasan Tolga Bölükbaşı

2016-2022: Professor H. Pınar Bilgin

2013-2016: Professor Alev Çınar

2011-2013: Professor Elisabeth Özdalga

1988-2010: Professor Metin Heper