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New Book: Post-Post-Kemalizm: Türkiye Çalışmalarında Yeni Arayışlar (İletişim, 2022) co-edited by İlker Aytürk

Post-Post-Kemalizm investigates a hotly debated paradigm in Turkish Studies, post-Kemalism. A collection of articles, the book aims to analyze, criticize and at times confront this highly influential but controversial theoretical framework within Turkish Studies. Post-Post Kemalizm also thematically engages with liberal thought, culture politics, secularism, criticisms of the establishment, Islam, and […]

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Onur Özgöde joins the Department of Political Science and Public Administration

Onur Özgöde’s work focuses on the fields of economic and historical sociology, science and technology, international political economy, public policy and American political development. In 2015, Onur Özgöde earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University, working on economic administration, central banking, capitalism, finance and climate change. He is currently one of […]

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