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Hasan Tolga Bölükbaşı

Associate Professor, Chair

Ph.D., Sociology, McGill University, 2007. Political economy, public policy, comparative politics

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Email: bolukbasi@bilkent.edu.tr
Phone: 0312 290 1850
Office: A225



  • H.T. Bolukbasi, Euro-Austerity: Comparative Political Economy of Welfare State Reform During the Maastricht Decade, Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press, (2021).

Book Chapters

  • H.T. Bolukbasi, E. Ertugal, “Napoleonic Tradition, Majoritarianism, and Turkey’s Statist Policy Style”, Policy Styles and Policy-Making: Exploring the National Dimension, M. Howlett, J. Tosun (Eds.), pp. 350-374, New York: Routledge (2019)
  • H.T. Bolukbasi, E. Ertugal, S. Ozcurumez, “Europeanization of Policy-Making in Turkey and its Limits”, Policy Analysis in Turkey, C. Bakir, G. Ertan (Eds.), pp. 143-162, Bristol: Bristol University Press/Policy Press (2018)
  • H.T. Bolukbasi, “Political Economy”, The Routledge Handbook of Modern Turkey, M. Heper, S. Sayari (Eds.), pp. 341-352, New york: Routledge (2012)

Book Reviews

  • H.T. Bolukbasi, “The EU and the Domestic Politics of Welfare State Reforms: Europa, Europae” , by P.R. Graziano, S. Jacquot, B. Palier, Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan, 333, 2011, in J of European Social Policy, 23, (2013).

Journal Publications

  • H.T. Bolukbasi, D. Yildirim, “Institutions in the Politics of Policy Change: Who Can Play, How They Play in Multiple Streams”, J of Public Policy..  PDF
  • H.T. Bolukbasi, K.G. Oktem, E. Savas, “Measuring welfare states beyond the three worlds: Refining state-of-the-art tools”, Social Policy and Administration., 1-16 (2021)  PDF
  • H.T. Bolukbasi, A.O. Kutlu, “Piecing Together the ‘Turkish Puzzle’ on Female Labour Force Participation: Comparative Insights from Southern Europe”, South European Society and Politics, 24, 53-77 (2019)  PDF
  • H.T. Bolukbasi, K.G. Oktem, “Conceptualizing and operationalizing social rights: towards higher convergent validity in SCIP and CWED”, J of European Social Policy, 28, 86-100 (2018)  PDF
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  • H.T. Bolukbasi, E. Ertugal, S. Ozcurumez, “The Impact of the EU on Turkey: Toward streamlining Europeanisation as a research program”, European Political Science, 9, 464-480 (2010)