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Mehmet Nedim Karakayalı

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Sociology, University of Toronto, 2003. Social theory, cultural studies

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E-Mail: nedim@bilkent.edu.tr
Phone: 0312 290 1855
Office: T375


Book Chapters

  • N. Karakayali, “Social Distance[reprinted in 2017]”, The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism, John Stone, Rutledge M. Dennis, Polly S. Rizova, Anthony D. Smith, and Xiaoshuo Hou (Eds.), pp. 1-2, John Wiley&Sons (2016)
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Journal Publications

  • N. Karakayali, B. Alpertan, “Mood playlists, biopower, and the “functional turn” in online media: What happens when a pre-digital social control technology is transferred to the internet?”, Information Society, 37, 20-34 (2021)  PDF
  • N. Karakayali, B. Kostem, I. Galip, “Recommendation Systems as Technologies of the Self: Algorithmic Control and the Formation of Music Taste”, Theory, Culture and Society, 35, 3-24 (2018)  PDF
  • N. Karakayali, “Two Ontological Orientations in Sociology: Building Social Ontologies and Blurring the Boundaries of the ‘Social'”, Sociology, 49, 732-747 (2015)  PDF
  • N. Karakayali, “Adapting, Defending and Transforming Ourselves: Conceptualizations of Self Practices in the Social Science Literature”, History of the Human Sciences, 28, 98-117 (2015)  PDF
  • N. Karakayali, A. Kilic, “More Network Conscious than Ever? Challenges, strategies and analytic labor of users in the Facebook Environment”, J of Computer-Mediated Communication, 18, 175-193 (2013)  PDF
  • N. Karakayali, “Two Assemblages of Cultural Transmission: Musicians, Political Actors and Educational Techniques in the Ottoman Empire and Western Europe”, J of Historical Sociology, 23, 343-371 (2010)
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