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Banu Helvacıoğlu

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Ph.D., Political Studies, Queen’s University, 1988. History of political thought, modern political theory, aesthetics and politics

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E-Mail: helvaci@bilkent.edu.tr
Phone: 0312 290 1470
Office: T374


Book Chapters

  • B. Helvacioglu, “The Smile of Death and the Solemncholy of Masculinity”, Studies in Islamic Masculinities, L. Ouzgane (Eds.), London: Zed Press (2006)
  • B. Helvacioglu, “Love as a Metonym for National Mourning: Handan, Ankara and Pause”, Masculinities in Middle Eastern and North African Literature and Film, L. Ouzgane (Eds.), Indiana University (2005)
  • B. Helvacioglu, “An Ethical Politics of Our Times: Moral Selves or Solidarity?”, Critical Political Studies: Debates and Dialogues from the Left, A. Bakan, E. MacDonald (Eds.), pp. 368-386, Montreal: McGill-Queen’s Univ. Press (2002)
  • B. Helvacioglu, “An Ankara Chronicle: Fidelity to an Impossibility?”, Anytime, C.C. Davidson (Eds.), pp. 98-106, Cambridge: MIT Press (1999)
  • B. Helvacioglu, “Europe in Turkish Discourse: How does one conceive of oneself?”, Boundaries of Europe?, R. Larsson (Eds.), pp. 45-71, Stockholm: Swedish Council for Planning and Co-ordination of Research (1998)

Book Reviews

  • B. Helvacioglu, “Literature, Ethics, and Decolonization in Postwar France: The politics of Disengagement” , by D. Just, Cambridge UP, 217, 2015, in SubStance, 46, (2017).

Journal Publications

  • B. Helvacioglu, “Delightful Horror: A War without a Script”, Queen’s Quarterly, 125, 68-79 (2018)  PDF
  • B. Helvacioglu, “Modern Death in Don DeLillo: A Parody of Life?”, Mosaic, 48, 179-196 (2015)
  • B. Helvacioglu, “Human Nature in Nature’s Nature”, Public, 26, 30-33 (2003)
  • B. Helvacioglu, “Globalization in the neighborhood: From the nation-state to Bilkent Center”, International Sociology, 15, 326-342 (2000)
  • B. Helvacioglu, “The Paradoxical Logic of Europe in Turkey: Where does Europe End?”, European Legacies, 4, 18-35 (1999)
  • B. Helvacioglu, “L’ambiguo Nazinalismo in Turchia”, Futuribili., 112-126 (1997)