Open Positions

As of Spring 2015-2016, there are no faculty openings at the department. Please check back later. 
However, the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at Bilkent University currently accepts scholars who would like to conduct research at Bilkent as Research Affiliates. Each Research Affiliate is given a visitor card that gives them access to the Bilkent Library and other campus facilities upon the approval of the Rector’s Office and may be given office space depending on availability.

All applicants who write to the department requesting a research affiliate position are asked to contact one of our faculty members whom they would like to work with during their stay and who will act as a sponsor. If the faculty member agrees to sponsor the applicant during their stay, he or she will write a support letter to the Department acknowledging that they agree to sponsor the applicant during their stay here. All research affiliates are expected to deliver one talk during their stay.

The applicant will then provide the following information to the Department Administrative Assistant:

• Curriculum Vitae
• Short description of the research project they will be working on at Bilkent
• The faculty member who will be their sponsor
• Approximate dates of stay at Bilkent