The Program

Political science is one of the oldest social science disciplines. It examines how people in societies organized into states live together and resolve or fail to resolve their conflicts. Politics is the art of influencing others as well as arriving at consensus. It is a widespread phenomenon that one encounters at all levels of society (family, school, government, and the like) as well as between states.

The discipline of political science which studies systematically the recurring patterns of events in politics, is divided into five subdisciplines: political theory, comparative politics, international relations, national (Turkish) politics and public administration. The undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the Department aim to provide a balanced education and training in these five subdisciplines. Through elective courses students can, to a certain degree, specialize in preferred areas.

Undergraduate Program

The Department offers an education in political science with opportunities for a broad and balanced undergraduate study. Students pursue programs which, in addition to providing a firm grounding in the core subjects of the discipline, allow them to take courses in law, economics, management, and international relations as well as in computer sciences and humanities. Departmental courses are divided in a balanced fashion between the fields of political theory, comparative politics, and Turkish government and politics, cultural studies, and public administration.

The Department aims at providing the students with an education that would enhance their understanding of social artifacts. In addition to giving the basic requirements of a degree in political science, the program emphasizes the utility of learning social and political roles. The goal for a study in the Political Science and Public Administration major is to maximize students’ capacity to analyze and interpret the significance and dynamics of political events and governmental processes. The purpose is not simply to reveal the significance of political events and issues. It is to equip the students with the knowledge in coping with political phenomena and problems. The aim is political education “in depth” for those students who have an interest in politics whatever their professional goals and eventual occupations are.

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