Minor at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration

Politics is essentially a decision-making process which distributes status, power and resources at all levels of human society, ranging from the family to the international system. Being one of the oldest social science disciplines, political science examines perennial questions such as how those decisions are made, who makes them, or who benefits from them.

The aim of the Minor Program in Political Science is to acquaint Bilkent students from any background with the academic study of politics. Students enrolled in any one of the Bilkent faculties might apply, provided that they fulfill the application criteria. The minor program is composed of six courses in total and four of those are compulsory. Depending on their major program, students are expected to take either one of Introduction to Political Science I or Social Transformation in Turkey. Other compulsory courses are Comparative Politics I, Turkish Political Development and Contemporary Turkish Politics. Minor program students are allowed to pick and choose any two Political Science courses as electives and they would be well-advised to concentrate in one of the sub-fields.


POLS303 Comparative Politics I 3 3 6
POLS305 Turkish Political Development 3 3 6
POLS306 Contemporary Turkish Politics 3 3 6
2 Elective Pool Courses 6 12
POLS101 or POLS104 Introduction to Political Science 3 6

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